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Soluciones de Seguridad InformŠtica Cybsec Security Systems
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  The development of Security Solutions and their complementing services begins with the concept that every computer installation has its own special features and, therefore, each Computer Security System requires a particular solution.

This allows us to state that there is no universal solution for Security Systems-related issues and that is the reason why our services cover a wide range of possibilities, ensuring an efficient, objective and economic solution for each particular situation.


Since 1996, CYBSEC is engaged exclusively in rendering professional services specialized in Information Security. Their area of services covers Latin America, Spain and over 250 customers are a proof of their professional life.

CYBSEC’s headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from where the southern region is served. They also have offices of their own in Asunción, Paraguay, Quito, Ecuador to serve the Andean region and Panama City, Panama to serve Central America and the Caribbean area.

Since 2009, CYBSEC is registered with VISA International as a certified QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) to perform PCI Security Audits.

CYBSEC is made up of security experts with a wide experience in international projects who hold CISM, CISSP and QSA certifications, among others.

CYBSEC is actively involved in computer security research projects, discovering new vulnerabilities, developing new security tools and taking part in international events.

Professional Objectivity

Due to objectivity reasons and professional ethics, CYBSEC S.A. doesn`t represent, neither sell, nor is associated with other software and/ or hardware provider companies.


Our methodology supposes an intense parallel work between the experts of CYBSEC S.A. and the experts of your company and/or Institution, providing complete support and assistance until the Solutions are installed and operating normally, that is to say, until the Systems are secure.

We believe that our methodology is outstanding, giving the commitment that we have to the generic aim of keeping the systems secure. Because our activity is not limited to writing reports pointing out mistakes or failures. Our focus is on giving solutions.

The services that we offer are aimed at providing new resources, and, if the case, complementing the already existent resources of each company or institution, giving professional services to maintain computer installations available, secure and reliable. This is the most efficient way to prevent the numerous and varied computer system incidents and frauds, such as information robbery, destruction or data modification, service refusal, web intrusions or in critical servers, websites modifications, publication of private information, etc.

CYBSECís contribution

We understand CYBSECís technological support is based on the following:

  • The Know-how gathered through an 15-year expertise in the field.
  • Focus on Research and Development of State-of-the-Art in Computer Information Security.
  • Specialized exclusively in Computer Security.
  • Problem-solving approach culture.
  • Stable, regular and experienced working team.
  • Ability to assimilate with the customer and with team work.
  • Efficiency for complex projects management and execution.
  • Independent position, with no commitments towards third-party brands.
  • In case test procedures are used, the methodology applied has been widely tested and proves neutral to both data and the systems undergoing testing.
  • Customers’ information is protected and treated with utmost confidentiality.


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