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  SAFE– Security Analysis Framework Enterprise

SAFE was developed by Cybsec-Labs engineers, the most renowned R&D lab in the region, and SAFE is the result of the experience gained and the research gathered on SAP security along several years.

SAFE is focused on facilitating and speeding up security verification activities performed by those in charge of SAP landscape maintenance and security control.

In this sense, it becomes a fundamental tool for Security Administrators, Basis, Auditors, Controllers and any computer infrastructure administrator involved with the SAP platform.

It is easy to install, with a simple and intuitive operation as it has a friendly look and feel.

SAFE is 100% configurable as it allows to select the client, installation parameters, controls to be executed, execution form, type of report, skin, etc., as well as export results to different formats.

The SAFE FREE Version includes 15 plug-ins covering different security aspects (access, audit, authorization, Basis, communications and users) of a SAP installation, being some of them as follows:

•Users blocked after repeated failed logon attempts
•Number of passwords stored in the logfile
•Single Sign On Tickets
•Single Sing On over HTTPS
•External authentication mechanisms
•Verifies SNC status

SAFE FREE Version is available for Windows OS and is built for SAP Netweaver 7.0, 7.1 and 6.4, with Oracle database, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP liveCache Technology or Informix.

Download SAFE FREE Version [DOWNLOAD]

Download full list of plugins (PDF) [DOWNLOAD]

For further information on specific SAP Security services, go to the SAP Security section.

Disclaimer of responsibility: SAFE is distributed “as-is”, and it is critical for it to be used by people who are highly trained in SAP landscapes so as to avoid interfering with normal platform operation.


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